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Valentine's Day - Spirit Aion

spirit aion aion online Valentines Day

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Posted 29 January 2018 - 05:52 PM



From February 13 - 27, love is in the air in Aion! Whether you are part of a sweet couple, or proud to run solo, there is fun to be had by all. 


During your adventures throughout Atreia you can get 5 types of special drops, and with them receive various thematic items.
Feel the mood of romance in the air! Spread the love for all Atreia!
Possible drops you can get!


icon_item_box03.png [Event] Proud Single's Box

  • icon_item_scroll_speed_run_01.png Greater Running Scroll (1 hour)
  • icon_item_potion_hpmp03_5.png 10 Major Recovery Serum
  • icon_item_chocolate01.png [Event] Cocoa Chocolate
  • icon_item_drink_mp03.png 5 [Event] Cocoa Chocolate Beverage
  • icon_item_sack05.png [Event] Souvenir Bundle
  • icon_item_valentine_event_torso_02.png Proud Single's Costume
  • icon_item_housing_valentine_bm_sofa02.pn Proud Single's Couch (60 days)
  • icon_item_housing_valentine_bm_combine02 Proud Single's Wall Ornament (60 days)

 icon_item_box03.png [Event] Sweet Couples' Box 

  • icon_item_scroll_speed_run_01.png Greater Running Scroll (1 hour)
  • icon_item_potion_hpmp03_5.png 10 Major Recovery Serum
  • icon_item_chocolate01.png [Event] Sweet Chocolate
  • icon_item_drink_hp03.png 5 [Event] Sweet Chocolate Beverage
  • icon_item_sack05.png [Event] Souvenir Bundle
  • icon_item_valentine_event_torso_01.png Sweet Couples' Costume
  • icon_item_housing_valentine_bm_sofa01.pn Sweet Single's Couch (60 days)
  • icon_item_housing_valentine_bm_combine01 Sweet Single's Wall Ornament (60 days)

icon_item_box03.png [Event] Trendy Single's Box

  • icon_item_scroll_speed_run_01.png Greater Running Scroll (1 hour)
  • icon_item_potion_hpmp03_5.png 10 Major Recovery Serum
  • icon_item_candy02.png 5 [Event] Peppermint-flavored Candy
  • icon_item_drink_mp03.png 5 [Event] Peppermint-flavored Beverage
  • icon_item_sack05.png [Event] Souvenir Bundle
  • icon_item_white_event_torso_02.png Trendy Single's Outfit
  • icon_item_housing_white_bm_sofa02.png Trendy Single's Couch (60 days)
  • icon_item_housing_white_bm_combine02.png Trendy Single's Wall Ornament (60 days)

icon_item_box03.png [Event] Happy Couples' Box

  • icon_item_scroll_speed_run_01.png Greater Running Scroll (1 hour)
  • icon_item_potion_hpmp03_5.png 10 Major Recovery Serum
  • icon_item_candy02.png 5 [Event] Sweet Candy
  • icon_item_drink_hp03.png 5 [Event] Sweet Herb-scented Beverage
  • icon_item_sack05.png [Event] Souvenir Bundle
  • icon_item_white_event_torso_01.png Happy Couples' Outfit
  • icon_item_housing_white_bm_sofa01.png Happy Candy Couch (60 days)
  • icon_item_housing_white_bm_combine01.png Happy Candy Wall Ornament (60 days)



Event sellers have 4 options of packages waiting for you.


Sealers receive [Event] Lovers' Stone that are dropped across the continent of Atreia.
icon_item_shine02.png [Event] Lovers' Stone - Obtained by defeating monsters across the continent from level 1!
icon_item_sack04.png [Event] Sweet Little Gift Bag - Can be purchased with 2 [Event] Lovers' Stone
  • icon_item_potion_e01.png [Event] Bards' Fruit Snack
  • icon_item_potion_e02.png [Event] Bards' Mushroom Snack
  • icon_item_holystone_legend_paralyze.png Godstone: Daeva's Oath
  • icon_item_holystone_legend_stun.png Godstone: Daeva's Pledge
  • icon_item_holystone_legend_slow.png Godstone: Daeva's Vow
  • icon_item_oldcrown04.png Various relics
  • icon_item_scroll_speed_run_01.png Various Scrolls
  • icon_item_badge05.png Various Medals

icon_cash_item_basket_02.png [Event] Sweet Chocolate Basket - Can be purchased with 30 [Event] Lovers' Stone

  • icon_item_oldcrown04.png 3 Major Ancient Crown
  • icon_item_oldcup04.png 5 Major Ancient Goblet
  • icon_item_enchantstone07.png Enchantment Stone Various
  • icon_item_crystal02a.png 5 Revival Stone
  • icon_item_box01.png [Event] Sweet Couples' Box
  • icon_item_badge07.png Mithril Medal
  • icon_item_battery06.png 500 Power Shard: +35

icon_cash_item_basket_01.png [Event] Sweet Candy Basket - Can be purchased with 40 [Event] Lovers' Stone

  • icon_cash_item_valentineday_body_01.png Truelove Outfit
  • icon_item_highdresslo01.png Palentine's Party Dress
  • icon_item_highdresss02.png Marra's Party Dress
  • icon_cash_item_whiteday_body_01.png Beatific Outfit
  • icon_cash_item_schoollook_body_02.png Uptown Apparel
  • icon_cash_item_schoollook_body_01.png Couture Clothing

icon_shop_item_preset_default.png [Event] Wild Heart Headband Box - Can be purchased with 20 [Event] Lovers' Stone

  • icon_item_heart_head_01.png [Event] Wild Heart Headband
  • icon_item_white_event_head_01.png Happy Couples' Hat
  • icon_item_valentine_event_head_01.png Sweet Couples' Hat
  • icon_item_valentine_event_head_02.png Proud Single's Hat
  • icon_item_white_event_head_02.png Trendy Single's Hat
A Simple event, where everyone of any level can participate and have fun.


Call your friends to have fun on Spirit Aion!

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Posted 13 February 2018 - 09:12 PM

Hi, when are the lovers' stone event npcs gonna be up? 

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